Our Consultants

We operate with our own in-house consultants, and a network of consultants (BAS
CONSORTIUM) who are specialists in various fields, from renewable energy to rural
electrification, to CDM, to legal and regulatory issues. The areas of expertise we offer include:

Renewable Energy, Clean Technologies (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Biogas, Biofuels), Off-grid
Rural Electrification- mini-grids, micro-grids, Solar home systems
RE Finance
Climate Change, environment
Project Development
Energy Efficiency, Energy Audits, Energy Management
Energy advisory services for residential, commercial, industrial and government facilities
Pre-feasibility, Feasibility studies, Market studies
Market research, Desk Research, Monitoring

When we are aware of our client’s specific needs, we will provide the relevant team necessary to make the project a success.

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